Compare Restaurant Coffee Service Prices

How much does it cost for restaurant coffee service? You might be surprised at just how affordable coffee delivery really is!

The idea of restaurant coffee delivery sounds good to just about everyone. However, the issue of cost is usually the first question that potential adopters of this type of service bring up. In reality, the cost of this type of service is not prohibitive, and in many ways, it can actually be a money saver. The reality of the situation is that no place that serves food is likely to be without a coffee option or two, and understanding the costs of restaurant coffee delivery should open your eyes to how it might be the most cost effective way to get the most popular beverage in the world in front of your customers daily.

The pricing that you encounter will depend largely on what contract option and service you sign up for.


Cost For Monthly Coffee Service to Restaurants

When you enter into a monthly contract with a restaurant coffee delivery service, you can often get both the machine and supply of coffee included as part of your contract. The upside to this is that maintenance and replacement of the machine falls on the supplier, not on your business. Price for this service can range from nearly $150 per month (depending on employee size) for a wide range of coffees, supplies, and a large scale machine, to as low as $25 per month for a simple coffee machine with limited supplies. Most of these contracts also include upkeep of the rented coffee brewing machine.

Coffee-Only Purchases

If you’re already set up with all the equipment that you need to make coffee, the best type of coffee delivery service for you might be just a regular delivery of the beans or grounds that you prefer to use when brewing coffee. A restaurant coffee delivery service can certainly accommodate this with on-demand, per-case delivery. Now, to get the best price available, some companies will have a minimum order per month, but a case of coffee under this type of contract will come in at an affordable $20-$30, depending on your brand selection.

Single-Cup Brewing System Pricing

Single-cup brewing systems typically have supply costs assessed by the cup. The price can range widely here, starting at under $0.10 for some smaller independent brands, but that likely doesn’t include any equipment or delivery fees. On the other hand, you might pay as much as $0.50 per cup on a contract that includes free use of a Keurig or similar machine. Sometimes discounts are also available for larger, per-box orders.

Additional Costs For Restaurant Coffee Service

Sometimes, there may be a few other additional costs associated with your restaurant coffee delivery. Installation fees may run between $50 and $100 depending on the complexity of the equipment that you get installed. Water filtration and upkeep of filtration may also cost more, but it will likely be less than $50.